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Our Team & Our Trucks

Our team, led by Marcelo Costa, includes a wide range of walks in life. All drivers are trained under the passion and skill that Marcelo brings to the table with his 35 years of experience in the delivery industry as well as his sincerity to all he engages with. Marcelo grew up around boating communities and to this day has remained an active sailor and friendly marina neighbor. Did you know that he was the first officer of The Rendezvous for over a decade? Marcelo leads a simple life, dedicating most of his time to encouraging the team to improve their personal lives and improve their skill set here at Zoom Transport. Marcelo's favorite quote and philosophy in the business is "Up here, I'm already there".

Marcelo Costa
Rendezvous Ship

All our trucks are serviced and maintained regularly by a close friend and partner GF Automotive. All vehicles come equipped with sturdy hand trucks provide by MM Caster & Industrial Supply and our box trucks have custom shelving to easily separate packages.

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